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T O   S I D E R   A V   S A M M E   S C E N E      /    

T W O   S I D E S   O F   T H E   S A M E   S T A G E

2014 - Hammerfest

Format: Residency with Dansearena nord
Choreography and project idea: Mari Bø
Dancers: Alma Bø, Maria Ulvestad and Ole Aleksander Hansen

Photo: Zbigniew "Ziggi" Wantuch

Using movement to explore the cultural differences between Norway and Sweden. A  Norwegian and a Swedish choreographer receive the same project idea, resulting in two completely different expressions of  something that is identical on paper. ”To sider av samme scene” explored prejudices between Norwegians and Swedes, concretizing cultural differences in  movement. The idea was to show the two pieces on opposite sides of a wall, showing two sides of the same story. One of the most interesting aspects of the process turned out to be exploring the physical relationship the dancers experienced in relation to the wall. Which lead up to the following  project “Den ene siden”.

Supported by:

- 2014 Dansearena nord - residency

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