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M I I    L E A T    / /    M I I    G Á V D N O T   
(Collab with Bárrogiera dance company)

2023 - Vadsø, Norway

Format: Installation of woven woolen bands, steel wire, thread and anchor
Project idea: Mari Bø, Lisa Pedersen and Gøril Nilsen
Photos: Mari Bø

Bodnái in sami means "to the bottom", referencing the background of artists Lia Pedersen and Gøril Nilsen who are sea Sami. The work is a collaboration with the dance company Bárrogiera who are based in Vadsø, Norway. Bodnái was made specifically for their dance video installation "Mii Leat // Mii Gávdnot" that explores queer sami identity. 

The woven piece takes inspiration from north norwegian 'komagabånd', a traditional sami woven band that is used with the sami kofte, going around the shoes. In Bodnái it symbolises a connection to tradition, yet a distance from it, as both Lisa Pedersen and Gøril Nilsen are currently rediscovering their sami heritage. The woven bands end in open threads, indicating movement, freedom and release. The color scheme is  based on Bárrogieras main colors for the project, chosen for their relation to the artists' sami heritage. The anchor indicates both a connection to the sea, through Pedersen and Nilsens sea sami heritage, and also digging into the ocean floor and rediscovering hidden roots. 

The piece was shown for the first time during the opening of "Mii Leat // Mii Gávdnot" in Vadsø, 11. June 2023, and was part of the group show "Since the first encounter" at Gamle Munch in Oslo, 19. October 2023. 

Supported by

- Norsk Kulturråd - Arbeidstipend for yngre, nyetablerte kunstnere
- Samediggi
- Fond for lyd og bilde

- Tvibitstigen

Has played: 

- 2023 Gamle Munch, Oslo, Tromsø

- 2023 Vadsø Kunstforening, Vadsø, Norway

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