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L Y D E N   A V   S T I L L H E T    /    S O U N D   O F   S I L E N C E
2018 - Harstad

Format: Experimental performance
Premiere: Artic Arts Festival 2018
Performers: Maria Ulvestad, Gaute Barlindhaug, Mari Bø
Photo: Jamie M.Bivard

How does your hair sound, and what sound is made when you shrug your shoulder? 


Lyden av Stillhet is not a performance in the traditional sense, but an open experiment exploring the relationship between movement and sound. The soundscape in this performance consists of sounds created on stage by the dancers and their movements. Using different types of microphones and computer programming, every sound you experience is a result of the happenings on stage. In most dance performances, you experience two separate artistic expressions; the dancers moving on stage, and the music playing either as a recording or an orchestra somewhere in the room. The movements you see on stage are seldom directly connected to the actions that create the accompanying music. Lyden av Stillhet searches to explore new and more direct relationships between movement, bodies, and sound. The aim is to inspire the audience to think differently about the relation between sight and hearing, challenging them think beyond the traditions of musical language and dance. 


Lyden av Stillhet is a collaboration between dancers Maria Ulvestad and Mari Bø, and musician and composer Gaute Barlindhaug. 

Supported by: 
- 2020 Dansearena nord - producer support

- 2020 Danse- og Teatersentrum 

- 2020 Fond for Lyd og Bilde

- 2018 Barents Secretariat
- 2018 Co-production Festspillene i Nord-Norge
- 2018 Fond for utøvende kunstnere
- 2018 Norsk Kulturråd - formidling/gjestespill
- 2015 Norsk Kulturråd, Forprosjektordningen

Has played: 
- 2020 Dansefestival Barents, Hammerfest, Norway

- 2020 Piksel, (digital version due to Covid 19), Bergen, Norway

- 2020 Sounddance (digital version due to Covid 19), Berlin, Germany
- 2018 Lift.Karelia. Young theatre, Petrozavodsk, Russia
- 2018 Festspillene i Nord-Norge / Arctic Arts Festival, Harstad, Norway


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