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2020 - Reykjavik

Format: Installation with video projection and sculptural elements
Solo show at Listaháskóli Íslands
Photo: Leifur Wilberg Orrason and Mari Bø

During my MA I have been investigating different aspects of my body, looking for narratives that differ from the one I feel like I have been following my whole live. 


I have deconstructed my body visually through photography and video, documenting and analysing it, looking for ways to deal with gendered issues in my life. 


Surfacing dealt with surfaces on a microscopic level, showing facets of my 'surface' that can only be seen using an electron microscope. It also explored surfaces on a macroscopic level, reflecting how the surface plays a part in gendering people. The surface appearance of bodies are often seen as indicative of that person’s gender, sex, age, nationality, seemingly denoting every facet of a person at first glance.

But the surface is shallow by definition and you can only get so far by simply looking at the outside. 

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