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D E N   D A N S E N D E   K R O P P E N   /  T H E   D A N C I N G   B O D Y

2018 - Tromsø

Format: Dance performance 
Premiere: Tromsø 2018
Choreography and project idea: Mari Bø 

Dance and choreography: Åsne Storli, Sarjo Sankareh, Bao Andre Nguyen and Hanna Fause
Photo: Jamie M.Bivard and Matilde Torsøe

Den Dansende Kroppen was made specifically for humans in the ages 3-6 years. It explored the body, what it can look like, how it moves and how it interacts with other bodies. With Den Dansende Kroppen I wanted to explore different bodies being together in various ways.

Supported by: 

- 2018 Norsk Kulturråd – Bestllingsverk musikk

- 2018 Fond for Utøvende Kunstnere

- 2017 Tvibitstigen


Support for pre-project:

- 2015 Norsk Kulturråd - Fri Scenekunst Dans

- 2015 

- 2015 DansiT Co-production of "The Dancing Wall" 

Has played: 
- 2018 Tromsø bibliotek og byarkiv


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