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Mari Bø (she/her) is an interdisciplinary artist working with movements, sounds and textures connected to the body. She has a BA in contemporary dance from the Norwegian College of Dance in Oslo, and an MA in Fine Arts from Listaháskólí Íslands in Reykjavík. She is currently based in Tromsø in Northern Norway where she lives and works as freelance artist with a practice that is based both in the world of dance and that of the visual arts.


She is specifically interested in exploring nuances and facets existing within her own body, using her art as a tool to understand and challenge herself. In her work, she often explores concepts related to gender and sexuality, and how gendered norms and ‘codes of conduct’ can influence how we as a society perceive and police bodies. With a background in contemporary dance her work is concerned with movement, exploring the limitations and possibilities within movement both as a physical manifestation (how does my body move in this setting) as well as in a more metaphorical sense (how can we as a society move together towards a more sustainable future?). She is currently working with looms and different types of weaving in order to generate movement in physical materials – expanding her own notions about what movement can entail.

Mari Bø

+47 916 34 617

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