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D E N   E N E   S I D E N   /   T H E   O N E   S I D E

2015 - Tromsø

Format: Residency with Art Lab Hålogaland Teater
Project idea and choreography: Mari Bø
Scenography: Mari Lotherington
Dancers: Maria Ulvestad, Alma Bø and Ole Aleksander Hansen

Photo: Martin Eilertsen

Based on some of the ideas that were explored during “To sider av samme scene”, this project further developed the dancers relationship with a moveable scenographic element, an adaptable wall. 

We had a large, moveable wall that the dancers explored during the project period, the goal being to make the wall an active participant in the expression of movements. By moving the wall around the room on wheels, and using the stretchy fabric that was attached to the metal frames the wall itself became an expression of movement, and a canvas for playing with shadows. In this project I wanted to focus on incorporating a scenographic element into the choreography, as seamless as possible. One of the most interesting things that we developed, was using the was as a barrier between the dancers during contact improvisations, and using the wall as a physical barrier between the dancers and the audience. 

This project ultimately led to "Den Dansende Kroppen"

Supported by:

- 2014 Art Lab Hålogaland teater - residency

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