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S K O R Ð A / S T Y R K U R

2019 - Reykjavik

Format: Durational performance and video work
Group show at Listasafnið Einars Jónssonar
Photo: Leifur Wilberg Orrason and Patrik Ontkovic 

Skorða / Styrkur was made specifically for the Einar Jónsson Museum in Reykjavik, and explored the notion of being stuck, while also examining the strength required for submission. Einar Jónsson worked with clay before he cast his sculptures, and one of the things I noticed first about his work is the physicality of his sculptures. The performance used 500 kg of clay, and I considered it a comment on how society has become stuck in our ideas about gender roles. 

Link to video excerpts from performance

Link to video work

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