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E N E 
2023 - Norway

Format: Pre-project
Project idea and management: Mari Bø​​
Design: Mari Lotherington
Construction: Sally Turner
Music/Sound: Frode Larsen
Technology: Gaute Barlindhaug
Photos: Ingrid Eggen
Mari Bø

ENE is a pre-project, meaning that we received funding for exploring an idea and the seeing if the idea has enough merit to become a full scale project.  In ENE, there are six artists exploring the concept of "body" through sound, movement, scenography and technology.  We are collaborating across our individual artistic disciplines to create a new body; a bodily scenography / a costume that will be adapted to fit one performer. This scenography becomes the basis for a physical and auditive exploration in public space. Central concepts in the pre-project are gender, self image and public bodies. We are together exploring bodies as concepts and challenging expectations of how bodies should look, sound like and move. 


The goals of the pre-project have been: 
- Exploring body through movement, scenography and sound
- Establishing a close collaboration between artists working with different discilines

- Developing a bodily scenography that can change a performers physical attributes, change the body language and generate sounds


We have currently worked both individually and as a group to explore ENE, supported by the Norwegian Kulturråd and Davvi - Senter for Scenekunst.  We have tested lots of different concepts and ideas, and are left with several interesting sketches of sounds, scenography and movement. The next phase of the project is set to happen in 2024 at the Nordland Visual Theatre. 

Supported by

Norsk Kulturråd - Kunstnerstipend for yngre nyetablerte kunstnere

- 2024 Figurteatret i Nordland (Nordland Visual Theatre )
- 2023 Raske Penger - Davvi - Senter for scenekunst

- 2022 Norsk Kulturråd - Forprosjekt scenekunst

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